Copyright 2015 Virginia Airborne Search & Rescue Squad
Serving Sheriffs, Police, Fire, Rescue, SAR and Citizens
10503 Wakeman Drive, Manassas, Virginia 20110
24/7 Dispatch: 866-246-9552 | Fax: 703-368-9445
Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to our 2016 Corporate and Individual Sponsors who have contributed to help fund our missions, training and equipment purchases. Without your help, our missions to help others would not be possible. We say thanks...
• Kevin & Ann Rychlik
• American Helicopters, Inc.
• American Aviation, LLC
• Foxchase Manor
• Gala Cuisine
• Wisko Racing
• Mr. & Mrs. Peter Strasser
• Mr. & Mrs. Carlton Phillips
• Prince William Marina
• Girardi Wealth Management
• Mr. Mike Girardi
• TriSept Corporation
• The Gun Shop
• Security Associates International, Ltd
•Dr. Eric Norby
•Metro Region Pet Center
•Woodburn Nuclear Medicine
•Mr. & Mrs. Rick Chambers
•DC Trails
•Mr. Bill Torres
•Dittmar Company
•Mr. Charles Clohan
•TriSept Corporation
•Mr. & Mrs. Jon Van Zandt
•Mr. & Mrs. William Sevila
•Financial Strategies Group of Wells Fargo Advisors
•Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Greer
•Ms. Joelle Jansen
•Mr. Eric Treworgy
•Ms. Dory Tanner
•Reines RV Center
•Lindsey Reines
•Mr. & Mrs. Carl Schanzenbaker
•VASARS Honor Guard
•Prince William Yacht Club
•Quaker Custom Homes
•Roseanne Rodilosso
•Mrs. Jessica Carter
•Mr. & Mrs. Wes Bush
•Mr. & Mrs. Gil Coshland
•Mr. & Mrs. Neil Smarte
•Mr. & Mrs. Bill Belcher
•Mr. Josh Ayers
•Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Tassi
•Mr. & Mrs. Milt Johns
•Mr. Tom Riley
•Mr. Richard Wagner
•Mr. & Mrs. Steve Greer
•Mr. & Mrs. Dave Gavit
•Mrs. Debbie Rieger
•Video Dynamics
•Mr. David Mulligan
•Mr. Ron Kattas
•Next Point Group
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